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Scheduling a meeting can be a challenge. We all have a busy schedule and especially across organizations, it can be difficult picking the right time and date. But what if I told you there’s already a solution for this available for you in Office 365? Let me introduce you to FindTime.

Tell me more, what is it exactly?

FindTime is a nifty little app that’s available as an Outlook add-in for Office 365 users. It allows you to find the best time for you meetings. You can propose multiple times, send out a poll, let attendees vote and schedule the meeting at a time that fits best in everyone’s schedule.

Do all attendees need an Office 365 subscription?

No, only the organizer needs to be on Office 365 and your mailbox must be hosted in Exchange Online. The attendees only need an email address and of course an internet connection.

How can I install the FindTime add-in?

The FindTime add-in is available both in Outlook for the web and the Outlook Desktop application. When you add the add-in to your account it will be available in both. Please note that the Outlook Desktop app might not be available to you, depending on your Office 365 subscription.

The easiest way to add the add-in to both, is to do this using the FindTime Site.

  • Open your web browser and open the FindTime Site.
  • Click the “Install for free” button.
  • Sign-in to your Office 365 account and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Restart Outlook for the web and/or the Outlook Desktop app.
  • Thats it! FindTime is now available to you 🙂
If you’re unable to install the add-in, please contact your administrator as it might be blocked due to company policy.

Scheduling a meeting using the FindTime add-in

To demonstrate the use of the FindTime add-in, I will be using the Outlook Desktop App.
Please note that when using Outlook for the web, a FindTime button will be available to you when scheduling a new meeting.

  • Click the “New Email” button Outlook.
  • Add the attendees in the “To” field of the email message.
  • Click the “New Meeting Poll” button.
  • FindTime will open right next to the email message.
    Select multiple times. Depending on the availability of free/bus information, you’ll see the availability of the attendees.
  • Click the next button, enter the location or check “Teams meeting” and click “Add to email”.
  • The meeting poll table will now be added your message and you’re ready to go!

If you’re and administrator and would like to install FindTime for all users in your organization, I recommend you checking out this link on the Microsoft Support site.

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  1. (Google translated from French)

    Hello Thanks for the procedure I have a question, is it possible for the participant to modify when he wants, his choice for the meeting For the organizer, can he change his dates with the same invitation or he must delete and start over.


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